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What is Cataract, Types, Precautions, And Treatment

A cataract is a condition in which the natural lens in your eye(s) becomes cloudy. When the proteins in your lens break down, things look blurry, hazy, and less colorful. So we can define cataract as a cloudy area in the lens of your eye. With age, cataracts become more common. We have a natural lens inside our eyes.

Lenses bend (refract) light rays that enter our eyes to make vision possible. It should be clear, like the top lens in the illustration.

Clinical features of cataract:

  • Decreased vision
  • Blurry far vision
  • Frequent change in  the number of your spectacles
  • Difficulty in vision in the daylight, but vision improves in dim light


  • Congenital cataract – can occur due to infections in fetus(baby) during pregnancy 
  • Senile Cataract (Age related) – One of the most common type of cataract and world’s no. 1 cause of blindness is senile cataract.
  • Trauma – direct damage to the lens

Treatment of Cataract 

  • Surgical treatment includes removing the catarized lens and replacing it with the healthy one.
  • The lens type depends on the work required and personal choice 

Post surgical precautions

To prevent the implanted lens from being damaged 

  • Avoid pollution
  • Use sunglasses as prevention from sunlight. 
  • Avoid trauma and rubbing of the eyes 
  • Also use any prescribed eyedrops with precaution and under supervision of your doctor.

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