First Aid Tips for Road Accident Victims

First Aid Tips for Road Accident Victims

Whenever we see an accident by the roadside, there is an urge in every spectator to be a savior and try to help the victims. But we must be very careful in our approach while doing so, as we can cause more harm than benefit if we don’t handle the victim with great care. Read this blog till the end to get a better understanding of providing first aid to road traffic accident victims.

How to approach a Road Traffic Accident victim?

Whenever you witness a road traffic accident (RTA) we should actively take part to help the victim(s). 

  • First of all avoid recording or taking photos of the crash site and ensure your own safety. 
  • In case there is a fire or open hazard for nearby people, address that issue and make the surroundings safe so that no more damage would be done. 
  • After that look for any entrapped victims, if there are any then try to free them. If there are more than 1 victim, categorize the victims according to the severity of injury so that you can help the one in the most serious condition first.If victims have head injury you must help on first priority
  • Try to talk to the victim and ask about his personal details, call for an ambulance or some other professional help if needed and inform the victim’s family and inform police as well if needed.

Should you move the patient ?

If the patient is awake and well oriented in time, person and place. He can recall the events then the patient can be moved away from the road but if he/she has any signs of injury to head, neck or back bone in that case the patient shouldn’t be moved and all the three structures (i.e. Head, neck and back or spine) should be stabilized to prevent any serious damage.

What if the victim is unconscious/is not awake?

If the victim has lost consciousness, check his/her breathing by inspecting the chest movements or by placing your finger next to the nostrils and check for passage of air. Also try to check the victim’s pulses if you can. If both, pulse and breathing, are appreciable then try to wake him up while stabilizing his/her neck.

What if the Patient is not breathing?

In that case try to open his/her mouth and look for any visible obstruction. If possible then try to remove it with your index and middle finger. Then shift the patient on his left side while supporting his/her neck and backbone.

Should any object penetrating in the body be removed?

Any object puncturing any body part should not be attempted to remove as it can cause massive bleeding which can not be controlled without professional help. So leave any thing that’s penetrating the body of the victim, keep it stabilized to prevent any further injury.

What if the patient is bleeding?

If the person is bleeding from any part of his/her body try to elevate that part and apply a clean cloth/bandage to apply pressure on the bleeding site.if victim or you have first aid kit find the Transamine drugs to stop bleeding.   

Should you give water to the victim?

If the victim is awake and well oriented then water can be given but ask him/her to take small sips of water and swallow properly. If the patient is unconscious then don’t give water at all. It can cause a lot of problems e.g. water can go into the patient’s lungs and can be fatal.

Who to call for help ?

Calling for help (call for an ambulance and paramedics) is always the first step so that the victim can get professional assessment and help as soon as possible. Keep the roads clear for the arrival of ambulance(s).




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